Recently two new species of Collembola (springtails) from the genus Friesea was dscribed from the Western Cape. One species, Friesea stevenchowni was collected from the Afromontane forest vegetation in Jonkershoek Nature Reserve, while a blind species, Friesea capensis was found in dune sand in Cape Point National Park. The paper also provides a link to sub-Saharan Friesea species. Type material is deposited at the Iziko South African Museum, South Africa and the MNHN, France.

Link to full article here:  doi: 10.3161/00034541ANZ2017.67.4.002.

Image:  Friesea capensis (Poduromorpha, Neanuridae), a new springtail species described from Cape Point National Park. Length = 0.60mm.